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About Us

Our Clients

Our clients range from multi-nationals senior executives to small business owners. We are involved with CEO compensation for pharmaceuticals, hi-tech, aerospace and transportation industries, to name a few. Our corporate concierge services target executive groups with high pressure and/or high travel positions. Our service is the “best kept secret” of some corporate executives because they do not want to share us! Les concierge K&P's corporate concierge service is an essential aspect in executive compensation packages.

Our Mission

Our mission for corporate clients is to give their executives the ability to delegate any personal or family related task to a resourceful, responsible and discrete concierge. Some executives currently use in-house assistance for personal matters, but would welcome the opportunity to separate their private lives from general office knowledge. Our corporate concierge services gives you your privacy back.

“I do not want my staff involved with my private life”
Pharmaceutical Sales Executive

Our goals for individual professionals who seek an extra set of hands are similar. The ability to delegate all types of activities to one reliable source, to focus on work related activities with fewer interruptions, and the freedom to enjoy personal time to the fullest are some of the many benefits associated with our personal concierge service.

Do you want to get the right person or service
the first time?

Our mission with our Montreal relocation service clientele is to have them love Montreal as much as we do! Each corporate relocation involves a great deal of time and expense to the firm. An unhappy family on the home front can negate the best recruiting procedures. We reduce the stress associated with moving by providing our knowledge, practical advice and concrete assistance to the family when they need it most.

Short-term absence costs more than doubled
from 1997 to 2000. (Source: Watson Wyatt Web site)

Our aim is to provide timely, effective and knowledgeable service to all our clients. Our commitment to quality is encased in our policy to follow-up on each request to ensure our customer’s satisfaction with our efforts


“It’s a question of how a company values its intellectual capital. This is a program that fosters productivity. There’s more to life than salaries and bonuses.”
VP Human Resources

“One call to K & P and the matter is handled for me!”
VP - Sales

“Tickets were great! We had a fantastic time with our daughter. Many thanks!”
Senior Director – Research

“Don’t know what we would have done without you!!”
VP – Marketing

“This is a more than well deserved attestation to your customer dedication. Thank you for being who you are… just great people”
VP Human Resources

Our Team

Karen & Paula Quinn joined forces to offer a new type of service – The Corporate Concierge. A knowledgeable concierge, as any guest knows, is a valuable asset to the hotel. The concept was transported to the business world with success as many firms realize the toll of every day stress on their employees and on their business. Les Concierges K&P is a family affair with deep roots in the community. We have grown up in Montreal and we have an extensive network of contacts through schooling, working, volunteering and living in different areas.

Do you have enough hours in your day?

Karen Quinn, a McGill Commerce graduate, spent 17 years involved with the Canadian Textile industry. As a national sales manager, Karen faced all the challenges of a busy two-income family with three active boys. An active volunteer in the Beaconsfield area Karen spent many hours with school committees, soccer and community associations where she saw other people caught in the “24/7 but needing 34/7” cycle of life. Karen saw an opportunity developing…

We know someone – somewhere with the
answer to your questions!

Paula spent 9 years in the mining industry organizing the Institutes’ conventions throughout the country and 15 years in the office furniture industry, managing showrooms and order departments in Toronto. Joining forces with Karen, Paula returned to her Montreal roots. Paula knows the perils of relocation and the stress involved with performance work.