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We invite you to have a look at what people have said recently about Les Concierges K & P:

Busy? They'll take care of it
By Lisa Fitterman
Montreal Gazette, November 05, 2005

Once the domain of the hollywood Elite, personal assistants have gone mainstream, helping those too occupied to take care of themselves or their families. Read full article >>

Concierge beats bonus
Latest perk being offered to Canadian executives is a full-service personal assistant. 
by Cliff van der Linden
Financial Post, March 26, 2005

When busy Montreal executives don't have time to pick up their dry cleaning or take their cars in for service, they call Karen Quinn.   
Ms. Quinn, a McGill commerce graduate, is a corporate concierge.  She teamed up with her sister Paula five years ago to offer their services to Montreal and West Island businesses. 
Once the preserve of hotels lobbies, the concierge is rapidly becoming a staple in executive benefit plans in corporate Canada. Read full article >>

Quatre mains de plus!
Option Retraite, Automne 2004

Vos journées n'ont que 24 heures et vous ne pouvez pas être partout à la fois. Certains jours, votre horaire est étourdissant. Karen et Paula Quinn ont trouvé une solution, l'antidote par excellence contre le stress! Read full article >>

Professional gofers
by Greg Bonnell
The Canadian Press, January 26, 2004

Picking up dry cleaning, having snow tires installed, arranging home repairs and organizing lavish parties are all in a day's work for a personal concierge. But sometimes the relationship with a client goes beyond just groceries.  Read full article>>

Paying someone else to deck the halls
by Deirdre McMurdy
Vancouver Sun, December 18, 2003

Sheridan Nurseries in Toronto will sell you either an artificial or a real Christmas tree. If you opt for a real one, they'll deliver it, set it up, "fluff" it and install the lights for about $150. They'll even add Christmas ornaments from their inventory, which typically run from $10 to $25, and decorate the tree for you, or add your decorations for an hourly fee.  Read full article>>

Why do it yourself if someone else can?
by Stephanie Whittaker
Montreal Gazette, March 10, 2003

Yona and Jeffery Corber work hard. As partnered real-estate agents, the Corbers, who are married, clock between 50 and 60 hours a week of worktime. Not surprisingly, they don't have alot of down time to handle daily domestic tasks and errands, so they contract out whatever work they can, including snow clearance, lawnmowing, housecleaning and cooking. Read full article>>

Handy, these concierges
by Stephanie Whittaker
Montreal Gazette, June 2, 2001 

Rosemary Heck is a busy woman ... Despite her gruelling schedule, Heck wondered how she could ever make use of a concierge service when it was introduced in her company for its busy executives.  Then she became a convert to the concierge concept. Read full article>>