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Relocation Concierge
Human Resources offer our Montreal relocation services as a perk to attract potential employees. Our unique relocation services offer peace of mind to ‘stressed out’ families moving to Montreal. Transferring to a new city is fraught with peril for a family accustomed to the comforts of home. Unlimited access to problem solvers empowers newcomers to ease into a new neighbourhood with a minimum of worry and anxiety.

Moving to Montreal? Our Montreal relocation service is the answer.

Corporate Benefits

  • Fewer distractions concerning the move
  • Faster integration at the work site
  • Content family at home
  • No lost time with ‘list of questions’ for coworkers
  • Unique recruitment tool

Personal Benefits

  • Connection to a pool of knowledge
  • A ‘hotline’ for the family
  • Someone to turn to for concrete assistance
  • ‘Comfort’ factor in a new city

“Les Concierges K&P. For a person with little free time and not a whole lot of knowledge about Montreal and surroundings, this has proven invaluable. Everything I have asked them to do, they have done with speed, accuracy and courtesy. Only my own imagination has limited the possibilities of what they have helped me with.”
Pharmaceutical Executive

Our Montreal relocation services cover the following areas and can be extended to cover any situation requiring more assistance.

To recruit one employee costs between 2 - 4
times the annual salary for that position.
(Human Resources Development Canada)

Our fees depend on the scope of coverage required. Call or email us today for an in-depth discussion and quote concerning your new employee!


  • Half or full day tours of Montreal neighbourhoods
  • Half day tours of Montreal sites

Relocation Services

  • Accommodations / temporary or permanent
  • Schools / daycares
  • Home cleaning staff
  • Sports teams and clubs
  • Tutors
  • Restaurant suggestions
  • Doctors, dentists, vets


  • Driver’s license
  • Medicare cards
  • S.I.N. card
  • Bank Accounts

Home ownership

  • Locksmith
  • Painters
  • Snow removal
  • Lawn maintenance
  • Renovations
  • Pool maintenance
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